Our Story

Back in 2011,  we were in a hunt for some good, old, classic cherry pie in sunny Singapore. Unsatisfied with what's available, we baked our very own sour cherry pie. A humble hand cooked jam filled with Sour Cherries stuffed in a handmade flaky pie crust and covered with a sugared butter cookie lattice. That homemade cherry pie has come to be our bakery's ever popular, Morello Cherry Pie.

Since Windowsill Pies was founded, we have been obsessed with baking the best pies and tarts you can imagine in our little island. We dedicate our days to creating exciting new flavour pairings and to re-inventing the way you enjoy classic recipes.

Many remember us from our days as “Windowsill Pies in the Woods” at Jalan Besar. Today, we have transitioned out from the “concrete jungle” and into a 3-storey shophouse along vibrant Haji Lane.

Windowsill Pies Flagship- Haji Lane

All our pies are handmade right from the buttery flaky crusts, indulgent fillings, up to the addictive toppings. We focus on baking the perfect pie with honest ingredients.

Our pies have grown from being a casual chill-out dessert to a product of sharing and love. Perfect for small or large events with family, friends and loved ones gathering together to enjoy the companionship and pies made with love.