Our Story

It all started back in 2011 when we were in a hunt for some good, old, classic cherry pie in Singapore. We ended up crafting our very own version which is now known as our Morello Cherry Pie - homemade flaky shortcrust pastry, filled with tarty morello cherry jam and finished off with a sugar lattice. A total classic.

Henceforth, we have expanded our craft to 14 exciting flavours (excluding seasonal flavours) with our Strawberry Lemon, Banana Cognac and S’mores pies being the perennial favourites.

Many may remember us from our Jalan Besar days when we were called “Windowsill Pies in the Woods”. Now, we have transitioned out from the “concrete jungle” and into a 3-storey shophouse in vibrant Haji Lane where all the magic happens along with our humble cosy corner at Soo Chow Walk.

Windowsill Pie Flagship- Haji Lane

Windowsill Pie Cafe- Upper Thomson

All our pies are handmade right from the buttery flaky crusts, the robust flavours & textures playing around your palate. We focus on crafting the perfect pie with honest ingredients while paying a close attention to detail.

Our pies have grown from being a casual chill-out dessert to a product of sharing and love. Perfect for small or large events with family, friends and loved ones gathering together to enjoy the companionship and pies made with love.