Our Pies


The Grasshopper Pie is inspired by a classic cocktail and those addictive after-eights. A rich filling of dark chocolate ganache embedded with yummy flourless chocolate cake. Slathered with fresh mint cream and crowned with salted chocolate cookie crumbles, who can say no to this concoction?

Morello Cherry

Our signature pie! Sticky cherry jam made only with the finest hand-picked Morello cherries. Covered with an intricate weave of sugared shortcrust, this pie promises to please.

Pineapple Passionfruit Yoghurt

The pesky pineapple is back! We especially love the combination of creamy pineapple curd, natural yoghurt, sweet passionfruit glaze and cubes of our home-made granola white chocolate. We know you would too!

Pecan & Pumpkin

No matter how you pronounce it, pecans go great with the deep flavours of butter & brown sugar. Topped with a layer of butternut pumpkin squash, the pairing of these two are bound to leave you craving for more!

Banana Cognac

Sweet banana parfait, almond brittle and cognac cream come together in an explosion of flavour! Don’t let the cream fool you! It’s the fluffiest and lightest pie we have!

Camp Symmetry

Our very own creation, don’t let the others out there fool you! Crafted exclusively for Camp Symmetry 2013, this pie is filled with white chocolate ganache, topped with white truffle infused cookie streusel and finished with candied thyme and a meringue mushroom! Yes, we’re gimmicky that way.

Coconut Lime Vodka

Filled with zesty lime curd, intoxicating cubes of vodka jelly and a swirl of coconut cream. Put it all together and it’s like a pina colada without the pesky pineapple.

Rum & Apple

This here started as a Christmas special but turned into a regular. With succulent poached apples, baked almond custard and rum soaked raisins, it tastes like Christmas everyday!


Filled with gooey milk chocolate pudding and thick dark chocolate fudge, topped with fluffy toasted marshmallows and home-made graham crackers! This double chocolate pie is our take on the traditional campfire must-have!

Strawberry Lemon

The hot favourite amongst our pie fans! Tangy, refreshing lemon curd, strawberry jam and sweet meringue. This tart is perfect for a summer’s day(which is just about every day here).

Hazelnut Ginger Creme

A combination of some of our favourite flavours! Chunky peanut butter hidden within a smooth hazelnut parfait, topped with poached pears and finished with a light ginger cream.

This pie is a Windowsillpies original!

Honey Macadamia

Baked sponge, honey glaze, whole macadamia nuts and an addictive cream cheese frosting. Need we say more?

Sparkling Yuzu

Our take on this flavour combination is a tangy yuzu curd glazed in sweet ume gel, topped with white chocolate dollops and a hint of sparkle. This pie is inspired by one of our mentors and we hope you’ll enjoy it like we do!