How long do your pies keep without refrigeration?

Our pies keep up to 2 hours without refrigeration so as long you don’t leave the packing box open!

And with refrigeration?

If kept in the fridge, our pies last up to 3 days so you don’t have to worry about not being able to finish them!

Do you guys really bake your own pies?

Yes, we do! All our pies are hand-crafted by our pastry team. Feel free to peek through the wooden door in the café to see them baking!

Even the decorations and toppings on your pies?

Yes! Everything from the pie crust to the pie fillings. Even the marshmallows you see are made in-house!

Can you guys cut the pies into smaller slices?

Unfortunately, we can’t! We have a standardised cutter that marks 10 slices exactly. Also, cutting the pies any smaller would cause the pie crust to crumble!

Do you guys provide delivery?

Yes, we provide island-wide delivery services! There is a minimum order of 1 whole pie and a surcharge of $6. The delivery charge will be waived off for orders of 2 whole pies and above to a single location!

What’s the lead time for delivery?

It would be best to let us know 2 days in advance so we can ensure you get the flavour you want!

Payment terms for delivery?

We accept cash or cheque payments. You can also pay via Visa or MasterCard through our ordering page!

How can we reach you?

Drop us a call at 9004 7827 should you have any enquiries, we try our best to answer all calls. If we miss your call though, we promise to get back to you within the day! You can also FB message us or e-mail us at pies@windowsillpies.sg!