Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum order of $30 for delivery | Free Islandwide Delivery Above $100 | 3 days lead time required
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Frequently Asked Questions


Fresh pies last up to 2 hours without refrigeration in a closed package. Duration may vary according to the environment temperature

‍For freshness and best texture, all pies are to be consumed within the day. With refrigeration, our pies stay good up to 3 days if stored airtight in the chiller/freezer. Just remember to leave it out to defrost for about 15 minutes before serving if they have been kept in the freezer, otherwise they are best served chilled!

All our pies including the decorations and toppings are baked by our pastry team. You can never find them elsewhere! Catch us baking at our kitchen outlet at 50 East Coast Road!

We are not halal certified.

Unfortunately, we can’t. You may opt for the UNSLICED whole pie so you may portion them at your convenience.

You don’t need to choose up to 10 different flavours. You can decide to pick any flavours in any quantity that adds up to 10 slices.

For customization, we will have to check in with our pastry team. Feel free to share your requests via

We are happy to be a part of your gathering/celebration! Do email us at for quotes.


A lead time of min 3 days is required. Please contact us at 97725629 (10am to 5pm) for any urgent orders, we will check on the availability of the pie flavours for you!

Yes, we provide island-wide delivery services. There is a minimum order of $30 and delivery fee of $15. Delivery fees will be waived for $100 and above to a single address. Alternatively, self collection can be made during operating hours at any of our outlets!

Please ensure that your recipient is informed and available to receive the order. Our delivery personnel will be able to wait for a maximum of 15minutes upon arriving at your delivery address, after which your order will be returned to our outlet at 50 East Coast Road.


Any redelivery or rerouting will be subjected to a charge of $15. 

Please drop us at email at with your order number and updated delivery details at least 1 day in advance and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Reward Points

Firstly, you would have to register for an account on our wesbite!

1 point is rewarded for every dollar purchased (excluding delivery, GST and any miscellaneous charges). 

Points are credited into your account within 3 working days from chosen date of delivery/collection. E.g. Collection/Delivery date of order is on 15 Jan 2024, points will be reflected in your account by 18 Jan 2024. 

Do note that crediting of points will be delayed if there are changes made to your order and points will be revoked for cancellations.


You can check on your accumulated reward points and orders by logging in to your account on our website.

Points can be redeemed at the check-out page under 'Enter reward points to use' box.
Every accumulated spend of $100 entitles you to $5 off your cart amount.

There is a minimum of 100 points for redemption and you can redeem points in increments of 100.
Eg. 500 points redeemed equals $25 off for your order.


-Jody has accumulated a total of 70 points from her previous order, she will not have any redeemable points available for her current order. 

-Ruth has a total of 190 points accumulated in her account, she will be able to redeem 100 points for $5 off her cart amount.

-Keith has 360 points accumulated, and decides to redeem 200 points. He will get to enjoy a $10 off his cart amount.

-Timothy has a total of 520 points in his account, and he has chosen to redeem the maximum number of points available (500 points) when placing a new order. He will enjoy a $25 off for his current order.

All points accumulated will have a 1-year validity before it expires, i.e. Points earned on 20th January 2024 will expire on 20th January 2025.

Unfortunately, logging into the account would be required for points to be accumulated or redeemed. We are unable to award points or deduct points retroactively once payment for the order has been made or confirmed or completed. 

Unfortunately, point accumulation and point redemption are not available for in-store purchases.